5 Lawn Care Hacks to Up the Game

If you love your lawn, then you must know how important it is to take care of your lawn. In a true sense, lawn care is beyond irrigation and mowing. Though these two are the basics for a beautiful and healthy lawn, lawn maintenance is tricky and involves feeding, pest control, aeration, pruning, and so on. Undoubtedly, a well-maintained lawn is a graceful addition to your home. So, in this blog, we are listing a few landscaping hacks that will equip you with effective techniques that will not only upkeep your backyard but will also make it beautiful that you have always wanted. 

Deal Troubles with Soap 

Professionals at golf courses make use of chemicals and wetting agents to reduce the surface tension of water. It helps the water molecules to bond easily with soil so that it gets absorbed into the soil uniformly. However, it can be an expensive and tricky process for homeowners to follow. No worries. You can replace these chemical compounds with dish soaps to do the same thing for your lawn. So, if you have a problematic spot in your lawn that repels water, irrigate it with the soap solution. Soapy water penetrates better into the ground and provides the right amount of drink to the troubled patches of grass. It softens the ground making the soil more receptive to irrigation. Just one warning. Soap residue can be damaging to some grass types. Thus, if bubbles linger in your lawn, hose them down with water. 

Conquer Weeds with Vinegar 

Vinegar is not only good in salads but also for your lawn. Yes, you heard it right. You can use vinegar to vanquish weeds. Add a gallon of white vinegar and a cup of salt along with a tablespoon of dish soap, and your homemade weed control is ready. Put this solution in a sprayer and shower it over the invaders and crabgrass. The solution will kill weeds and keep your lawn protected. However, while spraying, mind not to spray it over the lawn itself, as excess salt might be damaging for grass. 

Prepare Your Own Mulch 

Collect grass clippings while mowing. Grass clippings are excellent mulches for your lawn that not only save you time but also money. Apart from mulching, clippings also act as great fertilizer as they decompose. When decomposed, they provide nutrients to your lawn. In this regard, try to use a mulching mower that cut and mince the grass clippings. After mowing, without throwing them away, let them morph naturally. This process will decrease your fertilizer consumption and will keep your yard lush and beautiful. While mulching with grass clippings, ensure that they are not wet and matted. Wet clippings can smother the grass underneath. 

Rake it Smart 

Raking is an important lawn care step in colder climatic regions. Raking is undoubtedly a challenging job, as a breeze undo all the piles you have formed. So, it is a good idea to not form a large pile, rather gather the fallen leaves into lines in the middle of your turf. To make the process smoother, make use of a 30-inch spread along with angled tines. A good rake saves you both time and effort.  

Fight the Frost 

You might have heard of styrofoam cups that protect cacti and other plants of your landscape from frost. Though it is a good approach to protect plants from frost damage, styrofoam cups often get blown away by winds. Thus, it is a good idea to cover up these plants with bed sheets or blankets rather than styrofoam cups. 

The above-mentioned turf hacks are the shortcuts you can take to keep your lawn beautiful and healthy without consumption of time, money, and efforts. Remember, creative landscaping always makes life easier and productive.

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