5 Lawn Care Tips for Christmas

Now that the holiday season is knocking at the door and the sweet smell of Christmas is all around the corner, it’s time to prepare your lawn for the festival. In this entire craze of celebration, where you will purchase Christmas trees and go for creative decorations of your lawn, you might end up hurting your lawn’s health. All your efforts and hard work to manage your lawn throughout the year go in vain amidst this Christmas craze. 

So, as Christmas creeps closer, do not panic as there is still loads of time left to prepare your lawn. Good lawn care practices along with precautionary measures can safeguard your lawn from injury. Here are a few handy and useful tips to get your lawn ready for the holiday season. 

  • As you still have the time, start with cleaning the autumn leaves from your landscape. Collect the fallen leaves and ensure they are removed. Fallen leaves stop sunlight from getting to your lawn grass and small plants, and starve them to death. They hinder the photosynthesis process and cause patches in your lawn. Thus, before the winter hits your area, get rid of these autumn leaves as it’s not too cold outside yet. 
  • Autumn is the ideal time to aerate your lawn. This lawn care process ensures stronger grassroots and improves the overall health of your lawn. Aeration establishes a healthy root system by enhancing the absorption of air, water, and nutrients into the soil. This process also provides oxygen and nitrogen to bacteria in your lawn that enhances the health of your lawn soil. So, before your ground is frozen or waterlogged, go for aeration with a garden fork. In case, your lawn is huge, either use a machine for spike aeration or call for professional help.  
  • During this Christmas, make your lawn look healthy with the right fertilizer. Replace nutrients of summer with winter fertilizers to keep them dormant yet flourishing even under frozen conditions. Feed your grass and plants with potassium-based fertilizers that will strengthen the grassroots in winter. 
  • Moss is a potential threat that can damage all your efforts in lawn decoration during Christmas. So, choose moss control treatment with higher iron content. This is a very effective process to suppress the moss and keep your Christmas lawn decoration intact. 
  • Stop walking on your frozen lawn to limit the frost damage. Walking on frozen turf injure the grass and plants underneath. This will leave a yellow patch on your turf after you thaw it out. 

As the holiday season approaches, the above-mentioned lawn maintenance practices will not only make your lawn look graceful during Christmas but also will keep them healthy after this festival craze. However, if you’re an amateur regarding winter lawn care, you can also take help from an experienced professional in your area to keep your landscape green and healthy during festivities. 

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