5 Tips to Have the Perfect Lawn

While having that perfect lawn may apparently seem to be beyond your reach, with proper knowledge and application of the right techniques it is achievable. Now that spring is finally here, you can make the best of opportunities from this season and give your lawn the look it deserves.

However, before plunging into it headlong, you need to understand that a perfect lawn is not only about lush green grass and beautiful flowers but refers to a healthy lawn as well. When the lawn has a nutrient imbalance, along with weed growth, it is difficult to achieve the lawn of your dreams. So, to get that beautiful lawn, here are 5 tips from professionals:

Mow it Right

People tend to cut the grass of their lawn very short with the hope that this technique helps keep the lawn healthy and beautiful. However, cutting grass too short might hurt the root and interrupt in growth. Remember that each grass is different and thus, has different needs when it comes to cutting and pruning them. Talk to a professional mower to learn about the ideal mowing height of your lawn type. Professional mowing allows more sunlight to the base of your lawn. It is also an effective method to prevent brown and unhealthy grass. For a picture-perfect lawn, the ideal cutting height should always be above 2 inches.

Water Properly

For a great lawn, it is important to take care of it regularly. Infrequent and improper watering dries out the lawn and makes it look dull and dead. On the other hand, overwatering also has its risks. It makes the base of the grass damp and tends to spoil the roots. Moreover, overwatering can leach the soil of nutrients. So, to keep these problems at bay watering proportionately ands regularly is important. It is the best to water your lawn in the morning. If your lawn is new, it might need more water at the beginning.

Fertilize it Well

Just like any living being, no matter how small, grass too needs food to survive and grow. So, applying the right fertilizers to the soil is vital for adding the nutrient quotient. That will keep your lawn neat and healthy all year long. But which fertilizer is best for your lawn? To get the answer, you can always refer to a reliable lawn care professional in your area. The fertilizer you are using should have proper nitrogen content. Organic manures are also good for your lawn. Apart from the kind of fertilizer, applying it in the right amount is also important or else it might turn out to be counter-productive.

Keep Away Weeds 

Don’t let outlanders occupy space in your beautiful lawn. Yes,we are referring to weeds here. Weeds vie for the nutrient content in your lawn, thereby leading to malnourishment of the plants and grass that rightfully belong there. Removing these weeds, therefore, ensures a stronger and healthier growth of the other plants. 

Plant Seeds on Time

For a picture-perfect lawn, it is important to sow the seeds of the  plants you want to grow in a  timely manner. According to professionals, spring and fall are the best time to grow grass. Remember, grass needs 17 degrees of soil temperature to grow properly. Both summer and winter can, therefore, be a tad harsh for grass. So, choose the best time for the most effective results.  

In addition to all the above-mentioned tips, feel free to reach out to a good, reliable lawn care service for that perfect, healthy lawn. Bask in the beauty of your precincts and let it turn heads. Professionals have the right kit and techniques to deal with your lawn. So, consulting them might be a good idea. This is the right time to go for it and turn that beautiful lawn of your dreams to reality.

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