6 Ways to Use Shrubs in Your Lawn

Planting shrubs in your lawn or garden is an excellent way to bring a bold statement to the landscape. Most of these woody plants tend to have a round shape that adds a unique yet graceful look to your garden. No matter how you have planned your landscape design or what style it possesses, shrubs with their vibrant flowers, fruits, and foliage add color and structure to your garden. From deciduous to evergreen, there is a wide variety of shrubs you can plant in your landscape. Their usefulness goes far beyond their appeal. 

So, if you are looking for an effective way to make your garden attractive and pleasing with little work, do consider investing in shrubs. Here are some of the popular ways to use shrubs in your lawn. 

  1. Greenify with Shrubs  

Landscape designs are not only meant for improving the curb appeal of your property but also the quality of life. Just like other plants, shrubs play a crucial role in making our environment green and healthy. They purify the air and thus, promote the green movement. These woody plants have strong roots that hold the soil and prevent soil erosion. During summer, they provide shade and lower energy bills. Evergreen shrubs also act as wind-breakers and stop the harsh winds from hitting your property directly. 

  1. Put Along Property Line 

Apart from beautifying your landscape, shrubs help to maintain privacy. Use shrubs to create boundaries between the lawn and the walkways or patios. To maintain privacy, you can even put them along the boundaries of your property. However, if you share a common boundary with your neighbor, make sure to prune them occasionally so that their branches do not create a hindrance for others. 

  1. Bring Color to the Landscape

If you are looking for an effective way to bring colors to your landscape, invest in flowering shrubs like rhododendrons and hydrangeas. These plants need very little maintenance and come with many environmental benefits. So, to brighten your lawn, shrubs are a great alternative to expensive landscape decoratives. 

  1. Add Texture 

While planning for an amazing landscape, include shrubs in your checklist. Make use of the shrubs, flower beds, and large plants wisely to add texture to your lawn or landscape. The best part of using shrubs is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Try to plant both small-leaved shrubs and larger-leaved shrubs in your garden to create beautiful patterns that will attract attention magnetically. 

  1. Plant Around Hardscapes 

Though hardscapes like pools, patios, and foundations bring a unique look to your landscape, they seem incomplete without plants and shrubs. Adding shrubs around these hardscapes softens the look of the hard edges and makes them appear more pleasing. 

  1. Create a Mini Wildlife Garden 

Flowering shrubs not only make your lawn appear vibrant but also attract winged wildlife to it. Though the shrubs are mostly short in height, they are dense and thus make a great shelter for small animals like squirrels, turtles, birds, and so on. Shrubs with colorful flowers like Burning Bush and Rose of Sharon are great for attracting pollinators like butterflies and bees that can make your garden more enchanting. 

If you are looking for a smart way to beautify your garden, plant shrubs. These woody plants not only up the curb appeal and scenery and also help make an aesthetic statement. However, choosing the right shrub according to your landscape type and size can be tricky. Thus, it is always a good idea to hire a professional landscaper to learn about the shrub types appropriate for your landscape. 

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