A Few Tips to Prevent Your Flowers from Dying

Flowers are a common decoration that can add colors to any special occasion. As the holiday season is knocking at the door, decorate your interiors with bouquets of bright blooms. Flowers not only bring cheer to your space but also leave a lasting impression among your guests. Put a gorgeous bunch on your coffee table or a cabinet in your living space and enjoy them for a longer span. 

The saddest truth with flower bouquets is that they do not last forever. However, there are lots of tricks and tips you can consider to ensure the longevity of your blooms. Before we uncover these little-known tips to make flowers last longer, you must first understand that some flower species naturally stay fresh and last longer than others. Here are a few easy yet effective techniques that will extend the life of flowers and protect them from wilting. 

Cut the Stems

One of the most common mistakes that people make is putting the flowers directly into the vase without cutting their stems. So, before you put them in water, cut one to two inches off the stems. You can make use of garden shears or kitchen scissors to cut the stems at an angle. As these flowers won’t be sitting straight on the bottom of the vase, cutting their stems at an angle ensures better water absorption. Also, make sure to re-trim these stems once every few days to extend their shelf-life. 

Cut Off Extra Leaves 

Cutting off the leaves below the water line is an excellent way to prevent bacterial growth. Also, try to remove the guard petals from flowers like roses as it will make your bouquet look better and allows your flowers to open up fully. After this initial pruning, check the bouquet daily and remove loose or dead leaves and petals. This technique is very effective when it comes to extending the life of mixed bouquets. 

Water Wisely 

No flower can last long without water. Thus, to make flowers bloom long, keep them hydrated. Before putting the bouquet in the flower vase, fill it with water at room temperature. For a better result, add a packet of flower food to the water and mix it well. Make sure that the solution is not too diluted or concentrated. Also, to avoid bacterial growth, change the water after every two to three days. 

Maintain an Ideal Condition 

Flowers stay fresh in cooler temperatures. Thus, to ensure an extended life of bouquets, avoid putting them under direct sunlight or near any heat-generating appliances. Also, do not keep bouquets near open windows, cooling vents, or ceiling fans as they quickly dehydrate flowers. Keeping bouquets near ripening fruits can also reduce their longevity. Such fruits release ethylene gas that cut the freshness of your blossoms. 

Some of the secret ingredients you can consider to prevent flowers from dying are- 

  • Soda- Did you know that flowers have a sweet tooth and they stay perky with sugary beverages. Mix one-fourth cup of soda with water and put your bouquet into it. This secret ingredient will keep flowers fresh for a longer span. 
  • Vodka- Add a few drops of vodka in the water of your vase to avoid wilting of flowers. Remember, alcohol has the ability to reduce ethylene production, and thus enhances flowers’ lifespan. 
  • Coins- Keep a copper coin on the bottom of a flower vase to keep flowers away from bacterial rotting. Copper is known for its acidic properties and thus, fights against bacterial growth. 
  • Aspirin- Crush an aspirin tablet and mix it into your vase water. This pain reliever lowers the pH level of water and keeps flowers fresh longer. 

There are many such easy yet effective tricks to prevent flowers from dying. Embrace these techniques this holiday season and brighten up your interiors with the season’s blooming flowers for a lasting impression.

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