Flowers that Make Your Lawn Look Great Throughout the Year

A well-maintained flower garden is a very effective way to improve the curb appeal of your property. It not only beautifies your landscape instantly but also creates warm and welcoming vibes. So, if you want to take pride in your landscape design and get creative with the planters, consider investing in flowering plants. It is one of the most inexpensive yet innovative ways to make your garden look attractive and improve pollination and harvests. 

However, creating and maintaining a flower garden can be tricky. Though there is a wide range of flowers that can enhance the overall look of your yard instantly, most of them grow only one season and need to be planted every year. So, if you want to give your garden a makeover, invest in flowering plants that bloom throughout the year. 


Available in a wide range of colors- white, red, pink, yellow, and combination of hues, Calibrachoa is a perennial flower that can revamp the look of your garden in no time. Bearing a resemblance to petunias, these tiny beauties bloom in spring and keep on beautifying your garden until frost sets in. Either put these tiny flowering plants in containers as a filler or on a hanging basket to show off its spread. These plants require medium maintenance of full sunlight, moist soil, and occasional fertilization. 


Comes in shades of red, pink, and white, Begonia is one of those flowers that require very little to no maintenance. Even if you don’t deadhead or prune these flowering bushes, they look beautiful and do not interfere in the growth of other surrounding plants. The best part with Begonia is that it can bloom even in partial or full shade. On the arrival of fall, move these plants indoors to reuse them in the following year. 


Make your summer garden bright and beautiful with blooming petunias. These summer beauties love sunny spots and require less wind and well-drained soil for healthy growth. Available in nearly every bright color, Petunias are often bicolored and striped. If you are considering planting these beautiful blooms in your garden, do not forget to safeguard them from pests and diseases. Petunias are highly prone to bacterial rot and attacks from pests like caterpillars and leaf miners. 

Globe Amaranth

Another glorious addition to your flower garden can be Globe Amaranth. These pom-pom shaped flowers look absolutely outstanding and require limited maintenance. Though widely available in magenta color, some of its species also have pink, white, and purple colored flowers. Known for their versatility, these plants look absolutely stunning in both container and flower beds. Though these plants require full sun to bloom, they are strong and require very less fertilizer to grow.


Another flower that blooms throughout the spring and summer is Cosmos. These feminine looking flowers are hardy and have tremendous growth. When maintained well and timely pruned, these plants can surpass two feet in height. While white and pink are the most common varieties of cosmos, they also have species with red, yellow, and orange flowers. These plants require full sunlight and slightly dry soil for proper growth. 

If you are still confused with the type of flowering plant you must invest in, talk to a professional landscaper nearby for appropriate advice and flowering techniques. Remember, flowers in your surrounding can do wonders for your cognitive and emotional health. 

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