How Essential is Topsoil?

While taking care of different lawn care essentials, many of us often overlook the health and quality of the topsoil. In your garden or lawn, the outermost layer of soil is known as topsoil. Though the quality of the soil is defined by its geographical location, the topsoil is believed to be of the highest quality and is usually found in the first 68 inches of dirt.

Gardening experts believe the topsoil to be the key to a beautiful lawn. Due to the presence of highly concentrated organic matter and microorganisms, it is considered to be the most fertile layer. The presence of four important elements minerals, organic matter, water, and air make the topmost layer of the soil a favorite for the gardener’s.

The Composition

There are different kinds of topsoil across the world, each with unique characteristics. However, the factors that make them alike is the composition. 5080% of topsoil contains mineral particles. The minerals present in this layer determines speed of water drainage in the soil as well as the landscape above. Another important element is the organic content present in the soil. The amount of organic matter contained can make your soil either rich in nutrients or weaken it. Thus, while amending your soil, it is a good idea to consult a professional.  

Topsoil is essential for a healthy and beautiful lawn. Apart from minerals and organic matter, garden topsoil consists of some other ingredients. These are as follows: 

  • Nitrogen
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus

Professional lawn landscapers analyze your lawn’s soil attentively and recommend the right soil amendment according to soil type and structure.  

Benefits of Adding Topsoil

As we know, the topsoil plays a key role in gardening and maintaining a healthy lawn. However, this is not its only use. From improving the drainage system to keeping up a beautiful landscape, the topsoil has immense benefits.  

While creating a plant or flower bed, it is advisable to mix the garden soil with some topsoil. The technique not only helps enhance the nutrient content of the soil but also prevents drainage problems.

Over time, organic matter breaks down and degrades the quality of the lawn soil. Regular dressing with the right type and right amount of topsoil can greatly improve the soil’s quality. So, if you want to own a great landscape, don’t think twice about adding some topsoil to your garden or lawn. When applied proportionately, it reduces the need of fertilizers as well. So, property owners seeking to create a healthy yet low-maintenance lawn may want to consider professional soil amendment at least twice a year.

The topsoil needs to be spread evenly. It must ensure the optimum aeration of your garden soil. The elements present in topsoil make it great for gardening. However, while applying, make sure it does not interfere with the natural goodness of the existing soil. To apply topsoil with care and expertise, consider consulting landscaping professionals today.

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