Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

Landscaping is not an easy task. It takes lots of hard work and knowledge to design a masterpiece that not only attracts the attention of a passerby but also enhances the curb appeal of your property. However, the saddest part is, most homeowners start the project without educating themselves about landscape improvements and end up making blunders. Landscape design mistakes are very common but can be prevented with proper knowledge. Here in this blog, we have enlisted a few common errors that most property owners make while changing up or designing their outdoor spaces. Keep reading it to design your landscape in confidence while avoiding the common mistakes. 

  • Designing Without A Plan 

When it comes to landscape designing, most homeowners get so very excited that they start planting trees and bushes in their yard without a proper plan. Being ambitious is a great quality that one should have, but it should not distract a person from moving forward in the right direction. Landscape design needs proper planning and thus, one must be very particular about what they are planting. Remember, plants grow bigger with time. Thus, you have to consider your yard’s space and flow before planting a tree or shrub. Otherwise, it will result in plant crowding. Also, try to select the plants carefully according to your soil type and local weather. Maintain some space between two plants because they need free space, abundant air, and sunlight for healthy growth. 

  • Ignoring the Weeds

Weeds are foes to your beautiful garden. Thus, make sure they are not a part of your landscape. These intruders not only make your landscape unattractive and messy but also sip nutrients from the soil and make other plants malnourished. Most weeds grow faster than other vegetations of your landscape, and thus, block out the light that your plants need to thrive. Weeding is not always an easy process. If your lawn has fewer weeds, remove them manually or else, take the help of a professional to get rid of them and make your yard healthy and beautiful. 

  • Passing Over Pruning 

Shrubs are delicate and need proper care for growth. Sometimes their branches die due to aging and bad weather. The best way to correct them and bring them back to shape is by pruning. Pruning and trimming also help you to control your plant’s height and spread. If a plant is too large for your space, prune it to get a manageable size. Pruning also stimulates new growth of flowers and leaves. It promotes the growth of colorful foliage and rejuvenates an old shrub. 

  • Banking upon Evergreens 

Undoubtedly, evergreen plants always look beautiful. However, it does not mean that you will overload your landscape only with them. Planting only evergreens will bestow your yard a monochromatic look. To increase your property’s curb appeal it is important to add color to your landscape. Invest in perennials of different seasons, as they add hues and texture to your yard. 

  • Ornament Stuffing 

With an aim to make the landscape more attractive, most homeowners overwhelm the space with random objects. It is true that landscape ornaments bring a bold statement to your property but crowding the outdoor space with different ornaments makes it look clumsy. Go for one or hardly two ornament pieces for a more defined look of your landscape. Also, while buying such feature pieces consider the overall style of your yard along with the surrounding where you will place that ornament. 

  • Ignoring Erosion-Prone Areas

If you have a steep slope in your landscape, pay attention to it. Most people ignore these areas and thus, face erosion issues. Steep slopes have loose topsoil and thus, during rain, the soil of such areas erodes quickly. Before you plant in such an area, try to build retaining walls and fix all erosion problems. Not paying attention to erosion-prone areas affects the vegetation and the beauty of your landscape. 

  • Under or Over Fertilizing 

Fertilization is important for good vegetation. However, fertilization can be a tricky process to get everything right. Less amount of fertilizer can keep your plant malnourished and weak. On the other hand, too much of it can burn your lawn and damage the tissues of your plant. Here, the best thing you can do is consult a landscape professional or research about the products that can upkeep your landscape and preserve your plant’s healthy growth. 

Designing your landscape is tricky and fun at the same time. However, to attain an attractive landscape, you must do good research about landscaping. Even you can take help from professionals if you find yourself lost or stuck. Hiring an expert to guide you design your landscape is always worth the investment. 

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