Tips for Keeping Your Lawn Healthy in the Heat

During summer, the hot weather not only takes a toll on us but also on our lawns. Even though we work hard to keep our lawn healthy and finely manicured all year long, the scorching heat turns the grass brown and lifeless. Though it is a self-protection strategy of grass to turn brown (they preserve energy during summer and return to their green shade in autumn), it is disheartening for property owners who are wild about their lawns. However, the good news is that we can take quite a few actions to keep our lawns green and lush even during the summertime. 

Before we jump into the tips and techniques let us understand that keeping the grass green is not just about moistening it. You have to be particular about certain things that we will mention in this blog for a healthy and lush lawn. Also, a brown lawn is not necessarily dead or unhealthy grass. Thus, if your lawn turns brown, do not panic. Take preventive measures and your lawn will soon become lively when it rains, or the cooler temperature returns. 

So, here are few tips you can follow to keep your lawn green all year long, especially in the summer heat. 

Plant the Right Grass

Before we just talk about preventive measures or lawn maintenance tips, we must realize that like other plants, grass is also climate centric. So, while designing your lawn, be particular about the grass you are choosing. If you live in the northern latitudes, your lawn will do better with cool-season grass. However, if you are located in a temperate region, go for hot-season grass. Remember, both types of grass have different life cycles. Thus, for a beautiful looking lawn, it is important to choose the grass which is appropriate to your climate. 

Water Your Lawn 

Regular watering is the key to a healthy a lush lawn. However, as the weather heats up, watering too often won’t solve your purpose. To avoid browning of the lawn, you have to prepare your grass from the very beginning. When you water your grass too often, they develop a superficial root system that struggles to survive in little scarcity of water. To make their root system strong and healthy, go for deep irrigation once a week. This practice will keep the grass of your lawn hardier even during the summertime. 

Water Early 

As we have already discussed that watering is crucial for your lawn, watering early is yet another practice that you must consider to keep it green in summer. Contrary to deep irrigation, maintaining the perfect time plays a big role in lawn maintenance. Though most lawn owners believe that watering at night keeps the grass green, in reality, it is the ideal breeding ground for infections. Early morning is the perfect time to water your lawn as the water that the grassroots do not absorb, gets evaporated instead of keeping it moist for long. 

Mow it High 

Mowing is yet another vital part of lawn maintenance. However, it must be handled with care as improper mowing can turn the grass brown and damage the roots. Thus, it is always recommended to hire a professional landscaper for mowing. They never cut the grass too short and ensure a healthy and strong root system. Remember not to cut the grass more than 3” or 3½”. Cutting the grass too short not only damages the root system but also causes moisture loss from the soil. 

Fertilize Properly 

Fertilizing your lawn in the summertime is yet another effective way to keep it healthy. Just like animals, plants also need regular feeding to stay green. However, you have to be very particular about choosing the right fertilizer as it can promote the growth of the grass. Talk to your landscaper and try to use fertilizers with lower nitrogen content. 

Remove the Weeds

Do not entertain the weeds in your lawn. As soon as they start appearing, either pull them manually or make use of a weeding fork to remove them completely. You can also talk to a landscaper in your area for the right solution. Weeds draw all the nutrients from the soil leaving the grass malnourished and brown. 

To keep your lawn beautiful and green in summer, make sure to execute lawn care practices every day. For more such helpful tips, take the help of a professional landscaper in your area. 

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