Ways to Make Your Lawn Look Vibrant

There is no doubt that a perfect looking lawn and landscape can boost your property’s curb appeal. However, just planting and investing in costly landscape articles are not enough to make your lawn vibrant. Even after regular mowing and watering, your lawn might look plain and unappealing. To keep it beautiful and enchanting, you must have proper knowledge of lawn care. Being a property owner, you must realize that your lawn comprises more than just a green grass carpet. Apart from performing regular lawn care practices, you must have an effective plan to keep your landscape attractive all year round. 

Landscaping is undoubtedly a crucial part of home design. It not only bestows an attractive look to your property but also makes your living healthy and comfortable. So, if you are still keeping your lawn and outdoor space unattended, it’s high time to rethink and take good care of your yard. Here are some effective tips for all homeowners to enhance their curb appeal by making their lawn look vibrant. 

Test the Soil

Before you sow seeds or even purchase it, test the soil where you are planning to plant them. It is important to understand if the soil is healthy and contains the right amount of nutrients for the growth of the plant. Soil testing is also a very effective technique to determine the pH level of the soil. Remember, weeds are more likely to grow in acidic soil. Knowing the nutrients or minerals your garden soil is lacking helps you to invest in the right fertilizers. 

Keep it Off the Grass 

Lawns are the perfect place to play and leisure. However, did you know that spending long hours over those tiny little grass can leave dead spots on your lawn? Yes, you heard it right. Just like other plants, the grass also needs air, water, and sunlight to grow. Though your lawn is a great place for outdoor activities, do not keep unwanted things like toys, chairs, sprinklers, etc, onto it for long. Once you are stepping out of your lawn, remember to take off those items. These items cover the grass and do not allow sunlight, air, and water to penetrate through the grassroots. When left for a longer span, the grass eventually turns yellow and thin. 

Prevent Weeds 

To keep your beautiful and healthy, it is important to keep away the weeds even before they come up. Weeds take all the nutrients from the soil and hamper the growth of other plants of your landscape. The best way to get rid of these intruders is by stopping them from gaining a hold in your garden. Either deadhead the weeds or talk to a professional lawn care expert for using a pre-emergent herbicide to stop them from sprouting in your landscape. 

Mow it correctly 

Mowing plays a very important role in determining the health of your lawn. However, incorrect mowing can damage your grass and encourage weeds to set root. Thus, it is a good idea to mow high. Over-mowing can damage the grassroots and promote moisture loss from the soil. Professionals believe that one should never cut off the grass more than a third of the length. Also, while mowing, ensure that the mower blades are sharp. Blunt blades damage the grass heavily and make your lawn look brownish. 

Water at the Right Time 

To keep your lawn lush and green, watering is not enough. According to professionals, early morning is the best time to irrigate your lawn. Night-time watering dampens the soil and opens the door for many lawn diseases. While watering, you also have to be particular about the reach of the water. Irrigating your lawn is of no means if the water doesn’t moist the soil. Thus, property owners must go for deep irrigation of their lawn at least once or twice a weak to keep the lawn vibrant. 

Lawn care can sometimes turn tricky. If you do not have sufficient knowledge about lawn care, you can take the help of an expert to take care of your lawn efficiently. So, to give your lawn an outstanding look, consult a lawn care professional and perform the right lawn care practices. 

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