Why Mulch Your Grass

As your lawn or garden is naturally exposed to the weather and elements, it is subject to weathering. This, in turn, can often often lead to a poor appearance. They say “first impressions are last impressions” and whether we like it or not, a lawn or garden plays an important role in forming the first impression of your home. So, you do not want one that does not look neat and inviting.  

A great way to avoid this and ensure a well-kept lawn is by mulching. Does that term sound familiar? Yes? No? Stay with me to find out more!

What is Mulching?

Professionals find mulching an effective way to give your lawn a clean and spruce look. It is a widely practiced technique that, when done professionally, improves the quality of the soil. Made of grass clippings leaves or peat, mulch insulates the soil bed and protects the grass from moisture loss. Clippings are first to cut into small pieces so that they can easily fall to the surface and be broken down by microorganisms. As they decompose, the soil is enriched valuable nutrients. Thus, instead of bagging the clippings, leaves and barks, consider mulching them out. Not only will it make your lawn look neat but also benefit the soil. A win-win situation!


The advantages of mulching are several. Apart from releasing nutrients back into the soil, mulching benefits you and your turf in a wide variety of ways. These are as follows:

  • It enhances the quality of your turf by retaining the moisture of the lawn and balancing the soil’s temperature.
  • With more than 85% water and 5% nitrogen, mulches act as an effective fertilizer for your lawn.
  • Mulching ensures that clippings are kept out of turf area and your lawn looks neat and attractive.
  • Grass clippings account for 28 million tons of yard waste and thus, recycling of grass clippings benefits the environment.
  • As mulching grass nourishes the soil, the grass grows to be healthy and thick.
  • Mulching takes much less time than bagging, which is a plus. 
  • It saves you from municipality charges for yard wastes.

Mulching Equipment

Mulching is a specialized process that for the best possible results requires an advanced mulching mower. In essence, the mulch has to be fine enough to fall into the soil surface. A professional mower has specialized blades that chop the grass clippings into fine pieces so that they decompose faster. The machine also comes with a bag attachment or composite bin to collect the grass clippings. So, it’s time to drop the idea of traditional bagging and opt for mulching your yard. 

Thatch Buildup is A Myth

Thatch buildup occurs when microorganisms in the soil fail to break the organic matter and accumulates them. Some people avoid mulching as they believe that it promotes thatch buildup. However, it is not true. Thatch buildup only occurs when there’s a lack of microbial activity. Proper mowing and fertilization with mulch improves the activity of the microbes and enhances the quality of the soil.  

Decomposition of the leaves, clippings and barks enriches the soil of your lawn with natural nutrients. However, mulching is best performed under the supervision of professionals. Amateur moves have the risk of smothering the lawn and making it look awry.

Are you considering mulching? If so, let us do the tedious work and share your responsibility. Reach out to us today!


  1. March 25, 2020

    It was informative when you explained that mulching helps to keep your grass thick and healthy. My uncle lives on a large property, and it takes him at least 2 hours to mow all of the grass because he has to bag it all up. If he mulched it, or even better: hired a professional service, he could save himself a lot of time.

    • April 10, 2020

      It is always a good idea to consult a professional as it ensures high-quality mulching. Thank you for going through the blog.

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