5 Ways to Make Your Yard Bird-Friendly

It’s easy to attract birds to your garden by providing them with food, water and shelter. But attracting a variety of species depends on how bird-friendly your yard actually is.

There are many things that can be done to achieve this but certain tricks stand apart. Easy to implement, these can  make your yard a more encouraging and welcoming space for all kinds of birds.

Well then, let’s take a look at some of the tips to make your yard the perfect haven for those winged creatures flying across the sky –

       1.            Tempt the Birds with the Right Treats

With a variety of different feeders you can attract a variety of birds to your backyard.

Just like humans, different birds like different foods. Therefore, giving them a choice on their feed will not only help you to entice them to your yard but also, will serve the birds with proper nutrition that they need to stay healthy.

Don’t settle for cheap or generic bird foods available at the local grocery. Think about the health of the birds and invest in high quality nutritious food.

      2.            Put the Feeder in the Right Location

Since different birds display different behavior while approaching the feeder, choosing the right location for it is  key to attracting a diverse flock.

While some birds swoop in from across the garden to take a clear shot at the feeder, others get easily put off by a feeder that is overtly exposed.

The trick is to place a variety of feeders at different spots of your yard to appeal to various birds. Remember that shy birds are fond of a natural cover of some form when they have their food. So, keep a feeder or two near a large tree or bush to attract those meek ones.

    3.            Encourage Nesting

There are many ways by which you can encourage nesting and help birds to raise their family in your backyard.

Not all birds are attracted to bird houses, no matter how wonderfully you construct them. To provide a safe haven for them, consider putting construction materials like strings, pet fur, or hair in a cage feeder so that they can use those materials to build an attractive natural nest.

Also, weed fluff from dead flowers and grass clippings from your lawn mower can be some of the natural elements that birds can use in building their nest. If these are around, your avian friends are sure to visit!

    4.            Install a Perching Stick

All birds need a place to rest or preen. So, if your yard or lawn does not have a natural extended tree branch, consider installing a perching stick to give birds a safe place to rest.

Whether a bird needs to take some rest or take a break from its long migratory course, a perching stick is always a welcome spot. But don’t place a stick in front of the feeders as it can turn out to be an advantageous position for any unwanted predator.

      5.            Create a Bird-Friendly Landscape

If your yard has a lot of free space, it’s may look great to  you. However, this may not be the case for all the birds that you are looking to attract.

Birds don’t like empty spaces and therefore, open space lawns are not  useful to them. Instead, if you could somehow replicate the density of nature, you are likely to find more birds frequenting your outdoor space.

You can simply do this by planting some dense shrubs and sheltering bushes around the outside corner of your lawn and then as you come inside, you can plant the shorter flowers and shallow shrubs. You can also cover the entire lawn with wildflower meadows and scattered shrubs to give it the natural look of an attractive savannah.


You may already be attracting more birds than you realize. But they might not stay for long as your yard does not offer them the things they need. Doing a little extra to invite them and make them feel comfortable can go a long way in attracting the winged race And you could enjoy some great chirping and natural diversity too!