Stop Dogs from Pooping On Your Lawn

Your lawn can be an easy target of your own or neighborhood dogs as a pooping space. If you put a lot of effort and time into lawn care, this can be highly annoying. To avoid such a problem and protect your much-loved lawn from pooping dogs, there are some precautionary measures that you can take to protect your yard. 

  • Add A Fence 

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to prevent dogs from entering your lawn is erecting a barrier. There are a variety of fences available in the market. Putting up a fence according to your budget not only keeps away intruders but also enhances the overall beauty of your lawn. Apart from fences, you can also invest in hedges to resolve the issue. Dog-proof plants and shrubs can also be used as a great alternative to fences. Putting up barriers can truly help you in deterring dogs from using your lawn as their toilet. 

  • Use Sprinklers 

Scare neighboring dogs off your lawn with a sprinkler system. If possible, you can consider investing in a motion-activated sprinkler. Dogs avoid areas where they get wet. The motion-activated sprinkler is capable of detecting the motion, and thus, whenever a dog enters your lawn, it will automatically splash cold water on them. After a few drenchings, the dogs will start avoiding your premises and seek out another place. Yaay!

  • Create Diversions 

Dogs are innocent and do not enter your lawn with any malicious intent. They find lawns welcoming and choose them as spots to relieve themselves. If you own a dog or are a dog lover, creating a “poo zone” can be a great solution. Designate an area in your lawn, preferably a shaded area, for a doggy zone. Also, while choosing an area, make sure it has adequate room for the pawed friend to play. Make that surface dog-friendly using leaves and wood chips, along with some sand and soil. Remember, dogs love digging soft soil as it is easy to their paws. Encourage dogs to use that “poo zone” by providing them with treats like food, water, and toys. 

  • Try Repellents 

As dogs are highly sensitive to smells, you can make use of repellents to keep them out of your yard. Repellents produce unpleasant sensations and smells, and prevent dogs from entering your garden premises. Although there are a variety of repellents available in the market, you can also try out DIY repellents to avoid inorganic alternatives. Dogs do not like the pungent smell of items like vinegar and garlic. You can make use of such easily available kitchen items to prepare organic repellents at home. However, whether you are using store-bought or homemade ones, consider applying them only in a few strategic locations to get rid of neighborhood dogs.  

So, if your neighborhood dogs are causing a mess on your lawn, do not panic. Be patient and follow any of the above-mentioned tricks to solve the problem with ease.