Why Your Lawn Needs A Spring Cleanup

Spring is in full swing now, which means that it’s time for the annual spring cleanup of your lawn. Although Nature does a terrific job in beautifying the natural landscape of your yard during this season, due diligence and attention on your part can go a long way. Make your lawn ready to reach its full potential in spring and summer. Get, set, go!

Here are top five reasons why your lawn needs that intentional care now:

1.       Keeping Your Turf Healthy

Dead foliage and fallen leaves can be the ground for fungal diseases, which are a threat to your yard. These leave behind the growth of mold and mildew, creating the ideal environment for pests to infest and spread in your property. They also cover your lawn, blocking sunlight and air from reaching the turf. Removing the accumulation of debris helps to prevent fallen branches, leaves, and litter from spoiling your turf and in garden beds.

2.   Ensuring Safety

Your lawn is a place where you and your family members frequent, bask, and enjoy during the warmer part of the year. So, for reasons of safety, it is ideal to remove twigs, leaves, and other debris from the lawn and walkways. Also, leaves tend to become slippery when wet, which can easily lead to accidents. And dirt and litter are even dangerous for any pets that you may have on your property. While fallen leaves prevent the soil from drying out and keep the nutrient content intact, they can create problems in spring.

3.       Being Aesthetically Appealing

The act of removing debris that has collected over the winter, such as twigs, leaves, and litter, will instantly give your lawn a pleasant look. The winter winds, snow, and rain may have beaten down on the trees and shrubs. But decluttering your lawn by rounding up the leaves and collecting scattered sticks can change the appearance altogether. The result is a debris-free landscape – a perfect start to a great, healthy lawn.

4.   Fertilizing Plants

Spring witnesses the ideal combination of sunshine and rain, which along with nutrient-rich fertilizers, ensures that the plants in your lawn are healthy and at their best for the days ahead. The process of fertilizing during spring cleanup enables plants to achieve their full potential and the correction of any nutrient deficiencies or PH issues in the soil. The result is a yard with immense value.

5.   Edging

Spring cleanup is one of the best times to edge those garden beds, shrubs as well as driveways, walkways, and stepping stones. The act of edging creates clean lines, which can be maintained throughout the season, giving a well-manicured look to your property.

At the end of the day, every property, whether big or small, owes a great start to the season. And spring cleanups are the perfect way to establish a solid foundation for a lush green, beautiful lawn that can totally steal the show!