7 Ways to Make Your Lawn Look Bigger

It is not possible for every house to have a large lawn of its own. Small yards come with smaller mortgages and rent notes. Irrespective of the lower house rents, you will still want your lawn to look bigger. And you can certainly do that! There are a few landscaping tricks that can make  your lawn appear bigger than it really is. Also, these backyard ideas are simple and easy to implement. 

So, without further ado let’s get down to it: 

  1. Highlight The Entrance – You can create a burst of colors at the entrance to your lawn. It makes the yard stand out with a visually pleasing view. This draws the attention of visitors away from the size of the lawn to the beauty of its appearance. Shrubs, flower beds, and potted plants emphasize colors and this is a great way to make your lawn look bigger.
  2. Disperse Colors Equally – Be careful while planting colorful foliage and flowers in your lawn. Distribute them equally to avoid saturating too many colors or flowers in one space. You should distribute the flowers and plants at the nooks and crooks of the lawn in a way that is light and airy. Intermixing colors is a great way to keep things interesting. Also, when you fill up your lawn strategically, it naturally appears bigger than usual.
  3. Create Zones – Distinct areas in the lawn help in opening up the space and making it appear bigger. When you create separate zones for your lawn, it becomes more spacious, manageable, and beautiful to look at. Keep the gardening section away from the resting section or the playground area. That way, your lawn is more breathable and secure as well.
  4. Create a Point of Attraction – Creating a separate focal point in your lawn serves as a source of attraction and again, shifts visitors’ attention from the size of the lawn. It also helps in creating a theme for your lawn. You can set a dual attraction focal point using anything like furniture, flower pots, bonsai, and yard accessories that actually complement your lawn and make it look beautiful.
  5. Include Portable Options – Portable objects are a blessing to humans in modern society. Using portable playsets, furniture, and other objects in your lawn give you the benefit of managing space on your terms. You can also add and remove objects to decorate your lawn as you wish. This relieves you of lifelong investiture in something that can wear out soon and also consume extra space. So, be wise and choose your accessories wisely.
  6. Incorporate A Smooth Transition – It is your responsibility to ensure that each and every corner of your lawn blends seamlessly into a whole. Ensure that the transition from one area of your lawn to the other is smooth. Light and bright colors are pleasing to the eye and are great for differentiating areas in your lawn. Install flowers, potted plants, shrubs, or furniture to enhance the transition of areas in your lawn.
  7. Work With Lights – Your lawn should be spacious enough to facilitate sunlight. Keep the space open and uncovered to let sunlight play on your lawn. This is a natural stimulant for the plants and flowers that you place there and a fabulous way to lift your mood, with the breezy air flowing in. 

While some of these tips are self-manageable, making certain landscapes come to life can be a tag difficult.  This is where professional assistance can go a long way. But it is really easy to make do with what you have and still give a larger appearance to your lawn. So, get going and wow your friends and neighbors with an aesthetically pleasing lawn even with that limited space! 

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