How to Make Your Yard Kid-Friendly

Children love to play and spend time in open spaces. However, during the present times amid a global pandemic, there is limited mobility. In such a scenario, it’s a great idea to make your backyard an enjoyable place for your little one. When landscaped properly, your kids would love to spend time in your backyard without the risk of stepping beyond the home. A well-maintained and designed outside space not only entices children but also adults to spend quality time outdoors. 

However, if you do not have the right strategy or idea, setting up a kid-friendly backyard might be challenging to you. Though it may seem strange, making your yard appealing to children doesn’t need to take a lot of time, money, and effort. There are different ways to spruce up your yard for tiny tots. Here, we will discuss a few creative ideas that can help you to turn your staid backyard into an amazing kid-friendly space. 

  • Include Natural Elements

While transforming your backyard into a fun space for your children, do not ignore those natural elements that are already present in your outdoor space. Utilize those massive tree branches to craft a swing set or logs to set a see-saw. Also, do not brush aside lawn maintenance. Kids love playgrounds. Ask your landscape service provider to transform it into a basketball court to make it more appealing to your kid. If your yard has a beautiful garden, don’t cut it drastically. Remember, the colorful leaves and flowers,  sounds of birds, and fluttering butterflies add fun to your outdoors and build interest for your little one. 

  • Create Backyard Rooms

While playing, children enjoy privacy. So, while designing a kid-friendly backyard, transform the nooks and corners of your yard into a secret world for your child. For older kids, you can also design a treehouse that they would love to climb. Here, you can make use of shrubs, trees, canopies, and so on to create rooms where kids will get the feel of privacy and intimacy while playing. You may also use your old tent or umbrella to create a DIY playhouse or a teepee to add fun to your landscape design. 

  • Build Backyard Sand Play

Children love to play in the sand, dig into it, and build castles and other structures. Thus, consider including a sandbox in your kid’s favorite place in the yard. Sand creates a great sensory experience in children. A sandbox is easy to build and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. There are several types of sandboxes available in the market so that you can choose the one according to your budget. You can even build a sandbox or pit of your own. However, to make it more attractive to your kid, do not forget to decorate it with some basic toys like shovels, molds, buckets, construction vehicles, funnels, and so on.  

  • Include a Storage for Toys

To make your yard kid-friendly, it’s important to provide your kid with a great experience. Build customized storages under a pergola or shade. These built-in structures not only offer you great seating and resting options but also allow your kids to tuck away their toys after playtime. For them, such customized built-in storage is an excellent place to keep their toys securely. 

  • Incorporate Backyard Observation Kit

Your backyard garden can be a natural science lab for your children. Thus, to make them enjoy the most out of nature, include a few handy observation tools in the garden and encourage your child to explore the nature around them. Catching butterflies and moths is so much fun. So, to make your child experience this wonderful adventure, include butterfly nets in your backyard. Make use of a jar with holes in the lid as an insect observation room. Gift your child a loupe or a magnifying glass to observe nature closely. Afterward, they can let the insects free again.

  • Build a Climbing Wall

For older kids, climbing walls is a great mode of adventure and fun. Though building a climbing wall might take some space, you can always ask a professional landscaper to make the installation process easy and effective. Climbing walls are more than just fun for children. This activity strengthens and improves hand-eye coordination at the developmental stage. When your child successfully climbs a wall, it tends to give them a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Climbing walls build confidence in your children and the stamina to brace it physically, making it better than any digital game.

  • Include Chalkboard Walls

Drawing is one of the favorite pastimes for children. No matter if it’s your sidewalk or fence wall, they enjoy painting every corner of your house. So, to keep your landscape clean, create a chalkboard wall for your little artist. A chalkboard wall is a great way to keep your child distracted from the other clean walls of your landscape. Remember, children love outdoor art activities and thus, would thank you for this innovative gift. 

  • Light It All Up

Light up your yard and make it more appealing to children during holidays. Lights brighten their mood and make your backyard look cool as well. However, while installing the lights, request the installer to avoid places where kids can rest their hands or are likely to trip over. If you have a treehouse or any other shaded place in the garden, do not forget to decorate them too. To bestow the landscape a psychedelic look, you can make use of green lights on the tube slide. 

  • Build a Kid’s Garden 

Watching a seed growing into a fruit or flower-bearing plant is an absolutely magical experience for children. Thus, to ignite and keep up their sense of wonder, consider building a garden for your child. Even if you have a small backyard, give your little one their own garden space. No matter if you are planting in the ground or on a pot, your munchkin will definitely enjoy growing plants and harvesting them. 

Ready to transform your yard into a wonderland for your little one? If yes, call a local landscaper to design your yard in a way that appeals to children. Professionals will help you to design a yard that spreads cheer and brings a smile on the face of your kid effortlessly.