How to Light Up Your Yard

Ready to add some drama to your landscape design? Can’t wait to draw all eyes to your yard post-sunset? If the answer to these is “yes”, this blog is for you. 

Though there are many landscape design ideas that can uplift the look of your yard, creative lighting can transform your basic courtyard into bling. It adds that special dash of fun and whimsy! However, landscape lighting can be challenging if not done thoughtfully. It requires professional supervision so that it fits your property design and lights up the areas you want to focus on. 

To make your landscape lighting attractive and delightful, it’s important to understand what to light up and what is best left in the shadows. So, to make the lighting glamorous, consider the size of your yard and identify the features that you want to highlight. Remember, even a simple structure of your landscape can take on an amazing look when lit properly. Also, while designing your landscape with lights, consider the functionalities as well. A proper amount of light in the backyard makes it safer for you to move in your yard at dark without the risk of injury. 

Now that you know what you want to light and how you want to design your landscape, here are a few types of lighting that might help you to choose the right one for your yard. 

  • Security Lighting 

Security lighting is one of the most basic types of lighting that aims to make your property safer. Generally the brightest of all, such lighting illuminates large areas and prevents animals and burglars from prying into your property. Security lighting is installed on high spots like the garage, fence entrance, and so on. The best kind of security lighting is motion-sensing floodlights that can be mounted on the exterior walls of your building. Such lights have an intense light that can detect movement in the area and expose prowlers. 

  • Pathway Lighting

Designed to make your navigation through walkways safe and smooth, pathway lightings are mostly soft to moderately bright. Such light attractively brightens your walkways and bestows your landscape with a phenomenal look. Such lighting is mostly installed on the ground along the sides of your pathway, stepping stones, and so on. Pathway lightings are mostly of low voltage and can keep your yard bright throughout the night.

  • Inground Lighting

Also known as well light, an inground light is directly installed into the ground and often used to illuminate pathways, driveways, lawns, a landscape structure, and so on. Inground lights are soft and add sophistication to your landscape design. Want to improve the visibility of a tree or prominent structure in your garden? Make use of these lights to create drama around your landscape. Inground lights can also be used in driveways for safer navigation. As these lights remain hidden in the ground, their effects truly stand out. 

  • Outdoor Wall Lighting

Though the purpose of outdoor wall lighting is to illuminate the surroundings and improve navigation, it can amplify the glamor of your landscape to a great extent. If you have a pergola in your courtyard, use outdoor wall lights along the interior of it to create a magical environment. Apart from the pergola, such lights can be installed at other seating areas, low-lying areas, pools, and so on. If your landscape demands a maximum amount of light, wall sconces are the best option for you. There are several types and styles of sconces available in the market that you have to choose according to your landscape needs. 

  • Outdoor Post Lights

Want to brighten your yard in the dark while avoiding the overpowering brightness of floodlights? Go for post lights to set an ambient tone and illuminate your property sophisticatedly.  There are several types, sizes, and styles of post lights available in the market. Shorter ones make a perfect choice for pathways and small bays of your landscape. However, to illuminate long bays, tall posts can do wonders. When placed and fixed at the right place, these lights can truly create an inviting entry. 

Feeling overwhelmed? Call an experienced landscape professional to help you out with the choices of light. 

Just like the types of lights, there are several spaces in your landscape to place them. A professional can get you a functional landscape lighting plan by skimming your property correctly. So, to create a unique look with landscape lighting that reflects your taste and style, seek a local landscape professional today. Remember, there is always a lighting option for every backyard.