Benefits of Having Shrubs in Your Landscape

Want your dream garden or lawn? Well, it’s not just about the large shady trees or the flowering plants. That’s right. Don’t forget the shrubs. Yes, these play a great role in adding texture and variety to your landscape and enhancing the curb appeal. 

Incidentally, when it comes to landscape design, many property owners often unwittingly underestimate these smaller woody plants. Apart from increasing the elegance of your yard, shrubs provide food and shelter to the birds and animals of your garden ecosystem. The native shrubs of a landscape are known for enhancing the soil’s firmness, improving air quality, and making your living healthy and pleasant. 

When shrubs are in place, along with other elements like grass, flowering plants, trees, and attractive walkways, the result is a beautiful escape. It’s a sight to cherish. The woody branches of shrubs provide fullness to your garden in more ways than one. 

Native shrubs can help your landscape and its ecosystem in many ways. Here are some of the top benefits of planting shrubs in your landscape. 

  1. Stops Soil Erosion 

Want to improve the quality and stability of your lawn’s soil? Plant shrubs in areas with loose soil and eliminate the problem of soil erosion naturally. Voila! Though shrubs are shorter in height, they have strong roots that can easily anchor the loose soil and prevent frequent runoffs, even in the rain. A great solution for a not-so-great problem!

  1. Helps Plants to Thrive 

Shrubs are friendly plants as they help other plants in the surrounding to grow. By enhancing the stability of the soil, shrubs prevent frequent rain runoff that can damage the roots of grass and other plants. There are some plants that are highly sensitive to nutrient-rich soil. On the other hand, shrubs feed a lot of moisture and nutrients from the soil. Thus, if you have any such sensitive plants in your garden, you can plant them near the shrubs, as the latter will absorb all the excess nutrients from the soil while allowing the surrounding plant to thrive. That’s a win-win situation.

  1. Lowers Energy Bills 

This is a great factor to consider while planting shrubs in your yard. Experts believe that when shrubs are planted in the right location of your property, they reduce your energy bills. In this regard, deciduous shrubs are the best. Shrubs like Japanese Barberry and Goldflame not only bring elegance to your garden with their colorful branches and leaves but also offer you cool shade during the summer months. During winters, when their leaves drop, shrubs give you direct exposure to the warm sun rays and make your living comfortable. However, to enjoy this benefit, you must plant the shrubs on either the east or the west side of your home. 

  1. Creates Wildlife Habitat 

Shrubs are a vital part of your garden ecosystem. Apart from providing shelter to animals like squirrels, they are the feeding ground of many birds and insects. Bees, butterflies, and birds get attracted to shrubs for food, pollens, and nectar. They are also great for cooling off the surroundings and thus, provide a home to many species. So, by planting shrubs, you contribute your bit toward the ecosystem.

  1. Increases Curb Appeal 

When shrubs are planted wisely, they increase the aesthetic value of your property by a great degree. One can use them to create a boundary between the yard and patio. Shrubs make the garden look interesting with their beautiful leaves, flowers, and colorful berries. It’s an excellent yet subtle way to create a memorable first impression for visitors. Plus, for properties where there is not much space at the front to plant large trees, shrubs can work wonders in terms of beautification. 

Shrubs are a friendly species of plants for your garden. When planted wisely according to climatic and soil conditions, they thrive easily and form an asset to your yard. Apart from improving the curb appeal, these short, woody plants make your lawn and the surrounding environment healthy. To choose the best-suited shrub for your landscape, consult a landscape service expert today! 

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