Lawn Services - The First Step Towards Your Ideal Outdoor Living Space

When you take a look at a lawn, what really makes you say “Wow, that’s what I want my yard to look like!,” it’s the perfectly tended lawn! While tiresome for most, Eco Landscaping takes joy and pride in the results that we give to our clients. We turn lawns from less-than-desirable to vibrant, beautiful spaces that will make you smile when you see it. 

The key to a flawless lawn of course is maintenance, and Eco Landscaping covers that for you as well. Make lawncare easy for yourself by hiring Eco Landscaping to take care of the chore. Should you decide you want to handle it on your own, we can at least help you get to the perfect lawn before we give you detailed instructions on how to maintain your beautiful property. 


Lawn Results - How Do We Make Your Lawn Look Perfect?

The main reaction we want from you is - “Wow!” We want you to see what your living space can become with the skilled care of Eco Landscaping. Let’s say you don’t know what to do, we will help you! We will first need you to tell us more about how you would like your o

utdoor living space to look. Do you need your lawn ready for a special event? Do you plan to have friends and family over to enjoy your space? Do you want more of a focus on the front or back yard? The answer to these questions and more will lead us to the best result possible for you.

Don’t know where to start? Get a free quote from us and we will give you ideas of possible outdoor designs.


Lawn Process - What Services Should You Use For Your Yard?

What does Lawn care entail? Here is a list and basic description of each.

  • Edging - This includes trimming between your grass and sidewalks or flower beds. This gives a crisp and professional look to your yard.
  • Fertilizing - Your lawn needs nutrients to grow and stay healthy - we provide the soil the nutrients it needs through environmentally friendly methods.
  • Weed Control - Your lawn should be made of lush grass and nothing else! We help control any difficult to remove weeds such as crabgrass. Once gone, we help prevent any difficult weeds from returning as well.
  • Mowing - The foundation of lawn care that most people imagine, this essential service is the most basic foundation for a beautiful outdoor living space.
  • Grub (Insect) Control - Insects can turn your lawn from beautiful to unpleasant, we prevent these insects from harming your lawn and ensure a beautiful result.
  • Aerating - One of the best ways to ensure your fertilizer reaches your grass the way it should - aerating includes puncturing the soil to allow fertilizer to reach the roots of your grass much easier and ensure they receive the nutrition they need. This does not harm your lawn in any way!
  • Raking - Leaves, sticks and other debris have to be removed in order for your lawn to be seen! We can help make sure your lawn is always presentation ready.
  • Watering - Another essential - strict adherence to a watering schedule for your lawn will leave you with the ideal living space you’ve always wanted. Let us help you find the right tools you need for this and also the right schedule for you.